Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Failure to over throw Castro
                Cuba is located 90 miles south of the United States of America. Being so close it’s not surprising that Cuba’s government and the U.S government have some history together. Starting with the leader Fulgencio Batista of Cuba from (1944-1959). Batista was the president, dictator and military leader of Cuba. The Batista government was supported and closely aligned with the U.S government. The U.S was a major influence on the Batista government. Many Cubans didn’t favor Batista as the leader of Cuba. This leads into the Cuban revolution of 1959 led by Fidel Castro. The New York Times followed the events of this uprising conflict. Articles titled A symbol of rebellion: Fidel Castro and Castro moving to take Power were published at this time. “His relationships with various political factions do agree in hating general Batista.”(pg.1)  He was supported by many forces. He had large followers in the cities such as students, professional people, idealist, and some elements of labor of the army. Fidel Castro was able to over throw the Batista government.
            At this time “Batista led an exodus from Cuba that reached a total of 400 people. They left by ships and planes, going to the united states and Dominican Republic, key political and military leaders and their families.” (pg.1 col.1) Castro was known as a communist and many Cubans weren’t going to support that so they left. Mostly Cubans of upper and middle class left for Florida in America. They started a political group called the Cuban exile community, they are anti- Castro.
            Now the relationship between Castro and the U.S government is not so pleasant. Their connections are based on issues through political, military, and cultural reasons. Castro tries to gain the U.S government and Americans trust. Castro says “we are fighting for a democratic Cuba not a dictatorship.” Also he added “you can be sure we have no animosity for the United States and the American people.” (pg.1 col.2) Castro knows the U.S is very powerful and has helped Cuba though the Batista government. He wants them to know that he didn’t mean any harm to the U.S when he over threw Batista. Castro has many ideas for Cuba his ideas are more political involving social justice, liberty, democracy, and to restore their constitution.

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