Monday, November 29, 2010

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Failure to over throw Castro
            There is always a nation that is trying rise out of the hands of an imperialistic nation. These strong nations try to keep and continue to gain power. They do not want another nation to rise up from under them or any other powerful nation. America knows the struggle to gain its independence from an imperialistic nation. Great Britain was very powerful and controlled many parts of the world. It was 1989 when Cuba was attempting to gain their independence from Spain. The Cuban Government was doing well in this battle, but the U.S government felt the need to intervene and help them. Since the U.S government defeated Spain, they got Cuba.  Therefore the Cuban government struggle for independence became more difficult. Now the U.S government says the Cuban government must prove to them that they are cable of a self government.
The relationship between the nations governments have not started out well. The American government has shown its imperialistic role in the world to the Cuban government. There connections are based on issues through political, military, and cultural reasons. The American government judged the Cuban’s by their race and felt stronger than them.  
            The U.S government felt that the Cuban government should not have a self government. Here the American government is faced with a new battle. The Cuban revolution of 1959 led by Fidel Castro started a new chapter in the American history. I don’t think the American government knew a young man would make such a difficult and long conflict for them. Fidel Castro is the political leader of Cuba; he was influenced by the Soviet Union. He over threw the Batista government in 1959. Castro has been an opponent against the American government for about 50 years now. He has been able to gain and keep his status because of military power. In this time period from 1959- 1970 it was important to have a strong military and keep a stable government.
            Under the Batista government the Cuban citizen weren’t happy. The Cuban citizens have no power or say in their government. They have to go along with whatever is happening. The government has the military on their side, so they are powerful. A community of people cannot make a change in Cuba. This gave Fidel Castro the opportunity to rise to power. To be powerful in Cuba Castro needed two things: A strong military and the trust of the citizens of Cuba. Castro knew how the Cuban citizen felt so it was easy for him to relate to them. Not everyone was happy about Castro being the new leader of Cuba. Many citizens left Cuba in 1959 and moved to Miami, Florida. There they started a group called the Cuban Exile Community. They are a political group in America and they are anti-Castro. The negative feeling they had for Castro caused them to leave Cuba.

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  1. Good start. Keep writing! A couple things: check the date on the independence of Cuba in your first paragraph: is 1989 what you mean?

    Even when you're giving background, try to be a little more specific: how did Castro come to overthrow this governemtn. "Many" citizens left Cuba in 1959 - how many? Which citizens were more likely to leave? Why were they anti-Castro? What do they do with these anti-Castro feelings? As you flesh out the specifics, introduce and use your sources.

    Good clear writing - I look forward to reading more.