Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ideologies Led to the Vietnam War

             Imagine being drafted to the Vietnam War. You are 18 years old; you barely finished high school and you’re off to go fight in a war. The American government makes you believe you can do anything and save many people. They encourage you to make you feel you can make the difference. They give you pride in being in the military; they give you pride in fighting for your country. But is that all just an ideology, to believe it’s honorable to be in the military? The film Hearts and Minds revealed many view points of soldiers about the Vietnam War.
            The ideology the soldiers fought with was they had to fight and kill, do anything to win. The American soldiers had to win the war. Many soldiers weren’t aware of what they were doing they just went on their mission and did their task. Most of them felt proud and amazed by what they could do. The air force soldiers were proud of their flying talents. The people over the computers would tell them you’re at the right point, great flying. Then when the bombs would be released they were just amazed by the big explosions. These soldiers felt good about themselves. They thought they were doing great things for everyone. The ideology that the soldiers carry with them, they are proud of the destruction they cause. This is the most important ideology of the war. How the soldier think are important because they are the ones carrying out the task for the war. Now if they go on feeling proud of causing destruction everywhere that is a problem, they aren’t focusing on what the issues are they are just killing. That is why the Vietnam War was fought that way it was. No mercy just killing everyone and hurting innocent people and children.


  1. Sophia - This is really strong writing - a great start, especially in the first paragraph.

    In the second pragraph, you need to specify what your evidence is - is it from the film? If so, talk about specific scenes that show this. Keep in mind that eventually you'll use at least two sources.

    And, look out for run-ons!

  2. I like your introduction it got my attention. I like the way you show the ideologies that vietnam soldiers have.

    The suggestions I will give you is to use resouces that will support you argument. so far is good the way you introduce the perception of ideology.

  3. I will agree with the commentators above about your introduction: creative and empathic (since we're all students...). Grabs readers attention.

    You do have an argument. Needs more sources to shape the idea.

    Good luck!