Thursday, October 28, 2010

" A symbol of Rebellion: Fidel Castro"

Today I found three important articles.  “Castro moving to take power”, “A symbol of rebellion: Fidel Castro” and “Exiles may take old tack with Castro”. I think “A symbol of rebellion” gives me a good overview of how Castro started the Revolution and how the United States felt about it. All Castor knew is that he didn’t like the Batista power. He had a way to speak and encourage the people. Castro got them to follow him and he over threw the government at 31 years old. I was surprised to read how Castro was described in the Times. I was expecting to hear bad things about him and how the U.S would not approve of this, but it wasn’t bad at all. An interview with Castro reveals him saying he wants a democratic Cuba not a dictatorship. Also he was no anger or regression towards the U.S. At this time I’m guess this article was so calm about Castro’s over throwing the Batista government because he is looking to make Cuba a Democratic nation. But as we know this has changed because Cuba is a communist nation today. This article makes me want to figure out what has changed and how did cuba become a communist nation.

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  1. Hi Sophia - These are so interesting - good find! I think it will be interesting to see if you can figure out when the U.S. government, and newspapers like the Times, change their perspective on Castro - just a few years after this was written, there will be attempts to overthrow him. It may be because of a change in his policy, but it there may also be factors on the U.S. side that lead to this change.